Monday, May 23, 2011

Frontier Journalism

I had a very nice love-in on Friday night with an amazing looking guy from Barbados.  That is where Rihanna is from and my parents had a great house there back in the 90’s we lived next door to Pavarotti on one side and Tim Rice was on the other, and it was on a nude beach….. Pavarotti on a nude beach…. Oh the damage that was done, let alone your parents on a nude beach… fucking nude liberal hippy parents…..  Anyway back to Friday night, he was pretty, six pack, great teeth, and tanned skin, muscle butt, muscle legs and he turned out to be the trifecta, good looking, nice guy and into me.  The third one is the one I have been missing lately, I’ve been getting with hot guys, I even think they are nice people, but they aren’t really into me, they are once, but that’s it.  Which is strange because I know my sex skill is getting higher and higher, I haven’t been with anyone who has been able to out sex me in a while, my skill at giving pleasure is really getting that good.
I don’t really blame them, I am going after guys who I never thought would be interested in me, and for some reason they are, and I am good at sex, so they aren’t exactly missing out, but the equation isn’t really making sense, if I am better at sex than I look, wouldn’t you be more into me after the deed, not before?  We had made an arrangement to meet a week in advance, which is always a bad sign, because anything planned doesn’t seem romantic to me, and we both kept the date which was nice of both of us and it was magic.  One thing he did which I haven’t had before, is I think he had sorbalened his arse crack, because when I was rubbing my dick against his balls and crack, it was silky smooth and felt amazing, and led to my first uncontrolled cum explosion in perhaps 5 years.  I am that controlled with my body that I never cum, when I don’t want or mean to, but he had me blowing about an hour too soon.

I was so taken at how into me this amazing looking guy was I was about to run home and post about it right then, but the thought of seeing my sex life up in writing 20 minutes after it actually happened, scared me for some reason, so I with held, because what’s next, typing away on my iPhone as it happens, blow by blow, “And now I pull back the sheets and enter him”.
Saturday, fucking night, I decided to meet up with a stranger of Grindr, who according to his picture was very good looking like Mark Ronson, but in real life he turned out to be a fat old queen, neither young, masculine or in shape.  But that’s ok we went drinking any way and we did pretty well as friends seeing as we had just met.  His delusions as to what he looks like continued as he said to me in the Midnight Shift “oh fuck are they only letting in ugly people tonight?” I felt like saying, “yeah you’re here” but obviously I don’t need to be the one who bursts his bubble, I can wait for life to do that.

I hadn’t been to the shift in about 5 years, but it was fun from a sociological point of view, I hate the place actually, but a change is as good as a holiday, and when I was on the dance floor, sexy ER doctor found me in the crowd, he was drunk and gave me a hand job on the dance floor,  I tried to stop him a few times as we were standing next to the security guard and I didn’t need to be thrown out with my dick hanging out of my fly and cum all over my jeans, but the good Dr had the doctors touch and I was weak to resist.  I wonder if the big Arab guard saw us, but was enjoying the show?

I was dreaming a lot about M last night, the hottest guy in Sydney according to me.  Trying to imagine what it is I like about him so much, can’t put my finger on it, but a friend told me it’s someone’s smell.  The more you like someone, its due to you being a good genetic match, and your brain takes over.  I thought it was just lust, but she could be right, because other people look good, but I don’t like them as much, so maybe it is pheromones controlling me, there is a new dating agency that matches people based on a good genetic match, all science no social questions or photographs, just DNA profiling and apparently it is running at 85% success rate for long term couples.
Tonight as I was standing on the corner of Oxford St and Liverpool St and Hyde Park possibly the gayest intersection in the Universe, listening to the Girls Aloud Mega Mix on my iPhone and huge Sony headphones, cruising and being cruised by guys I had a gay epiphany, Hot guy called M might be a dancer, I think he is one of those hot guys in the Kylie Minogue film clip for Slow, where they are all lying on towels by the pool playing with themselves and in Speedos.  He is one of Kylies back up dancers.  Does that make him the gay holy grail of trophy boyfriends?  My BF is one Kylies back up dancers.  Does have a good ring to it. 


  1. ur lucky to have met so many great people who want nothing in return. i just gave my number to a "rich doctor" type who is hounding me for a dinner date. Im going through a flu and Im just not feeling him and especially that he is 39 and Im 23. I just wish I was single and free like u are.

    but first I have to let him know im just not interested and giving him my time was a mistake

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  3. Great ....I like it.

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