Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sad face

Shitty shitty day and week. I don't have HIV but I nearly may as well have, I have just been told I have chronic lung disease, And the doctor just dropped it into a conversation like i already knew, i didn't, it explains why I get sick sooo often and serverly, but now it means it's not a bad phase, this is going to be my life... And future, great! I didn't get down about the news, but last night when my mum said " looks like you should move into one of those homeless shelters for men, cause u can't work" I was only just out of hospital and still running a fever and she said that! Super bitch! I can't believe what an evil whore I have for a mother..... If i could cry I would but I'm just so angry at her response to my bad news!

I feel as tricked and shocked as poor Drew in this scene

And I feel as sad as this song  :-(


  1. Oh man, that's horrible. And I am shocked your mother said that!

    HUGE hugs and bright blessings to you xox